Does your company need a shift in perspective?

Are you looking for a way to get your employees motivated?

Have you found yourself doubting your own personal goals?


In his debut book, The Engagement Zone, author Chuck Dahlgren asks you to consider, “Why do you do what you do?” Chuck shares his own stories of success and setbacks over the years on his own path to becoming CEO of a successful, nationally-acclaimed crystal award company.


The Engagement Zone shares one of the most valuable lessons Chuck has learned over the years:


It's all about engagement


Whether you find yourself in a leadership roll, as an employee or as an entrepreneur, Chuck encourages you to consider just how engaged you are in what you do.


The Engagement Zone breaks down an engaged environment into 4 parts:



There is a difference between a manager and a leader. Which one are you? Quality leadership is the driving force behind a successful business.



Understanding and believing in the underlying values of your company and your vision is a necessary step toward creating an engaged culture.



Employees and colleagues who are invested in the values of a business will help to keep it moving toward success.



All of this comes down to nothing if you aren’t first engaged in yourself. To know and understand your own individual contribution is to find true fulfillment.

By engaging in the overall purpose, as a leader, part of a team and as an individual, a strong force is created that can move everyone toward a common, fulfilling goal. This is The Engagement Zone.


This book will reintroduce you to what drives you most and encourage you to actively participate in your own life.

When you create an engaged and motivated environment and you can begin to define success and fulfillment from a more direct frame of mind. It’s time to enter The Engagement Zone.